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Do and Don't

Before you move, eliminate what you don’t want or need.


DO NOT apply a heavy coat of wax to your furniture before the move. A pad or a blanket can leave marks in the finish that may not come out later. The wax can also become slippery, which could cause the worker to drop the piece or incur an injury.


If you are doing your own packing, be careful about overloading the cartons. If you cannot lift the carton easily, it is too heavy! Try to keep the weight of a single box to under 50 pounds. Do not pack all your books in one big carton—it will be too heavy to move! Be sure to use appropriate cartons so your goods will arrive safely. (Plastic trash bags are not appropriate cartons) Carton tops should be flat and taped securely for easier (and quicker) handling and safe and efficient stacking in the truck.


To avoid damage, be sure fragile articles are not packed in the same carton as heavy articles. Be sure to mark cartons clearly. Unplug your TV’s and computers at least 24 hours before the move. This “cool down” period will help stabilize the working parts and help prevent damage.


Carry your valuables (jewelry, furs, money, etc.) medication, and important papers with you—do not pack them in the moving truck. Your contract will specify that the mover is not responsible for these items.


Remember, it’s “first in—last out” when loading any truck. Keep toiletries, medicines, and other necessities with you in the car on moving day.


Label all boxes well. Remember to label all boxes with the room destination (LR = living room, DR= Dining Room, etc.). This will help direct the movers to the correct room without delay. Also, mark all fragile items well! The better a box is marked, the less chance of damage to fragile items.